Scenes from the Boda Dome: New Cat (Intracranial AutoDiary record #6:51-55P-JAN/11/36)

What’s with your cat?

Why’s he keep bucking around like that? What the hell’s he up to?

Is he trying to tell us something? Do cats do that?

What’s he doing now? Crap, how’d he do that?

You don’t think he can wield that thing, do you?

Oh shit, looks to me like he’s wieldin’ it.

Man, that cat is fucking up your table.

Dude, this is unreal. I’ve never seen anything like this.

What the hell’s got him so riled up?

Sounds like he’s saying rad. Raaaad. Raaaad.

Is he deliberately changing the channels, or are his swats just hitting the channel button by accident?

Wow, Charles in Charge has him entranced.

He’s like, waving at Buddy. And telling him he’s rad.

Man, he hates Nicole Eggert.

I honestly think he’s hissing at Nicole Eggert. Look, as soon as she’s gone he stops.

God, he loves Buddy.

Nooo, really? Nooo.

It looks totally normal…

Can I pick it up?

Wow, it’s heavy.