Harrison Ford Has Met Someone

Using CGI techniques developed by James Cameron for the film An Avatar, we created this exploration of the private world of actor/gymnast Harrison Ford.

14 responses on “Harrison Ford Has Met Someone

  1. Chris Cain

    Thanks, Hella. We hadn’t thought about it in those comparative terms, but now that we do, we have to sheepishly admit that you’re right.

  2. Marielle

    I found this short film incredibly moving. Although I have just described it as short, it felt like this film, this piece of divine engineering, went on for eons. And not in a negative way either, nay, my heart simply wishes so intently that it was so. This three minute and twenty-three second piece that can only be described as the epitome of the empyrean itself, was so incredibly magical that it felt as though it went on for one thousand two-hundred and thirty-seven times more than it truly did. As a great man once said ‘The shit just got real.’, and while watching this masterpiece of modern film, the shit very much got real. So real that I am now permanently blind and must dictate to my super-intelligent monkey my thoughts for him to type with his cumbersome yet fairly accurate ape hands. I would like to thank ‘We Are Scientists’ for opening my eyes (pun most intended) by way of this, the very definition of supreme visual literature. I am now working in collaboration with several of the worlds greatest film producing ennuits to create what could be called a tribute to ‘Harrison Ford Meets A Fan’. Although I know it will never stand in comparison to such a worthy feature, and should definitely be cast into the dust in favour of your creation.

  3. Monet

    I couldn’t help but notice a nicely placed quote I’ve heard before on someone other show…
    “If you need anything, just whistle. You do know how to whistle, don’t you?”
    Very nice guys. Quality work as always.

  4. Aimee

    I am overwhelmed by the cinematic brilliance. And by pantslessness of Lego-style Nicole Kiddmman. Is her outfit a Lady Gaga tribute? Great art has so many layers.

    I will now use your version of the line from To Have or Have Not. “You just put your lips on the whistle and blow.” Outstanding.

  5. Anna

    ‘what are you…scottish??’ best. line. ever. Ye should write a screenplay. Avatar couldn’t possibly compare.

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