An Honest-to-Goodness Email Received by the We Are Scientists

An Honest-to-Goodness Email Received by the We Are Scientists, Which We Are Pretty Sure Illuminates the General Demeanor and Standard Listening Habits of the Average WAS Fan, and Which Might Serve as a Convenient Template for Any Individual Who’s Contemplating Sending Personal Messages to the Band.
From : [address hidden for the sake of sender’s politcal career, which – we don’t think it’s too revealing to confess – is already in full Congressional swing]

To :

Subject : possibly naked

Date : Sat, 27 Sep 2003 02:01:24 -0700

we are four girls sitting in a room, possibly naked, listening to your
cd and we think you are really talented. we knew this before, of course,
but we fully appreciate this fact now. because who else can write music
that four girls, possibly naked, can listen to in a room at nearly 2am
and sing along. good job. you are excellent human beings and you’re all
good rappers too. looking forward to october 24 with intense
anticipation. good job, keith, alone at the grove house – you were
great. we hope you rap too and that michael tapper does some freestyle
and that chris cain tells a dead baby joke and also do weezer because el
scorcho rocks as does the beyonce song minus the jay z part. and also
tatu. this is very important to us.

we are fans. obviously. ps that was a play on the name of your band. in
case you missed that.

also, we really like your new song. even though one of us didn’t
actually hear it, we all know it’s good. really good. something about
“don’t leave i’m blacking out but it’s been fun”

p.s. here is a proposed set list:

please play
spotomatic freeze (it really did work acoustic), and also mothra, and
also the method and country livin’.

we hope you have a fun day, possibly naked.

four girls, in a room, at 2am, listening to your cd. drunk. and possibly