A Letter To Keith From His Dearest Childhood Friend

Just Now Discovered While Visiting His Parents in Miami, and Which Illuminates More About His Childhood Than He is Really Comfortable Sharing With You, but He Will Do So Anyway, Because it is the Time of the Year for Giving.
December 10, 1987
Dear Science Officer,
Bzzz, bzzz do you still want to kill me? I hope not, because we will have to join forces to defeat Captain Rick Hunter, if we don�t he may use Doc. Cabbage, Tyrone, and Gorp to destroy us. It would be neat to have the I.S.S. Slime Slug all to ourselves. It would also be easier if slugs were running the ship. Ace Air Slug could be our captain, Gee wouldn�t that be awesome. I�m sorry that you lost 29% of your life. Oh well, at least you turned out to be an Insectoid at the end!
Your Crewmate,
Insectoid, Kevisect.