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Make It Easy

What happens when the gentleman–scholars from We Are Scientists travel to an alien planet? PLENTY. And it ain’t all pretty. Don’t worry, though: much of it is. Director/Producer: Melissa Tomjanovich


See us in our natural element, probably for the first time.

Dumb Luck

The video that broke a nation’s will.

Take My Breath Away (Berlin cover)

The official video accompaniment to our cover of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.” For higher resolution viewing, huff paint before clicking ‘play.’

Return the Favor

The official visual version of our song RETURN THE FAVOR, from the album TV EN FRANÇAIS. We just wrote them in all-caps to make them stand out — they’re not really spelled that way; they’re not like “NASA” or whatever. Directed by Dan Monick.

I Don’t Bite

This is the mind-bending clip for “I Don’t Bite,” a song from the Barbara album. In it, indescribable shit happens. This video causes seizures in pregnant women and should be avoided by those with a history of psychological illness or who have gone to high school. Directed by Dan Monick

Nice Guys

***SK8 OR DAIEEEEEE!!*** That’s the theme of this badass motherfucking video. To make it, Keith pulled some of the dopest, most dangerous sk8 moves of all time, breaking many world sk8 records. Meanwhile, Chris risked his life filming these moves through whatever means were necessary, which included sk8ing around with a camera on his shoulder — WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU SAW THESE TWO FUCKING MADMEN SK8ING AROUND TOGETHER?!?! Duck and cover, is all you really could do. Call FEMA. (Shot, chopped, & cropped by We Are Scientists)