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The Business Casual EP







Business Casual, our new five-song EP, is now out everywhere, which is great news, because you really needed this right now, the wait has been killing you, and it wasn’t clear how much longer you were going to be able to hold on.

There are a few ways you can get your pristine mitts on our grubby little mini-album, and NONE OF THEM INVOLVES TRADING YOUR ORGANS. If someone offers to give you a copy of Business Casual in exchange for your kidney or some of your lungs — DON’T accept the offer!!! Please choose one of the following options instead:

  1. You can download mp3s from the internet — DO THAT HERE.
  2. You can buy a vinyl record in a store (they actually won’t be in stock till Nov. 4 — full list of stores coming shortly).
  3. You can order a vinyl record from us, and get the mp3s thrown in for free. You can either order from ENGLAND or CALIFORNIA. (Probably you should choose whichever is closest, but hey, why not comparison-shop?)

Now that we’ve spilled the essentials, how’s about some trivia? Here are a few things you may not already know about Business Casual, in no particular order:

  • The five included songs actually come from three entirely distinct recording sessions. The first two songs, Dumb Luck and Return The Favor, were recorded late last year by producer Chris Coady at a wonderful and historic studio in Soho (Manhattan) called The Magic Shop. They were then mixed by James Brown, a British man who lives in Brooklyn(!). They are part of a larger batch of songs that is slated to be released as a full-length album early next year.
  • Tracks 3 and 5, Good Answer and Take My Breath Away, were recorded and mixed this spring by Mr. Claudius Mittendorfer, who has a very slight German accent, despite living in Brooklyn(!). The recording happened at Atomic Heart, a studio Claudius co-owns with Tim Wheeler, singer in the band ASH, who is allowed to live in Manhattan even though he has a very pronounced Northern-Irish accent(!!).
  • Finally, the song Courage (demo), was recorded by our own Keith Murray in his writing space (yes, he has a writing space!) way back in the summer of 2012.  It’s the demo version—the thing he sent to Chris and Andy for thoughts—of a song that went on to be recorded by Chris Coady for next year’s album.
  • The thing on the cover of Business Casual is a man, an old sunbathing man(!), photographed by our longtime collaborator Dan Monick. Several of our friends, glancing at the album artwork, have assumed it was a lady — “Hey, a chick in a bathing suit never hurts!” they might say, or similar. And no, it probably wouldn’t hurt! But this is an old man with skin like beef jerky, which might actually hurt, in the end.
  • We’re working on videos for Dumb Luck and Take My Breath Away, and there’s a video with Return The Favor playing on top of it here that you can watch whenever the hell suits you. So is there a visual component to this EP? Yes, really there is!
  • The vinyl edition is a somewhat rare 10-inch record. You’ve surely seen plenty of 12-inchers, and probably some 7-inchers — but a 10-incher? Not very common. A STRANGE size, ten inches, sure to raise eyebrows should you whip it out at a party. And hey, what’s wrong with raising a few eyebrows?
  • “Business Casual” is also the name of an album Chromeo put out a couple of years ago. We’re fully aware of this. Our EP is not named after that Chromeo record. It’s not an homage, and it doesn’t sound the very similar. There’s no good explanation for this. What can we say? The world is running out of good titles. Why just recently, Jack Johnson put out an album called “From Here To Now To You” — which is meaningless! Total gibberish! It must have been his 250th choice. His first 249 choices had probably already been used, and he was just dead set on having an “original” album title. You know what, though? Originality isn’t everything. “Calculator Bat Mud” has never been used before, but that doesn’t mean you should call your next album that, Jack Johnson. (He should call it “Business Casual.”)

This is an exciting time! The beginning of a prolonged period of We Are Scientists crap is upon you! (Hopefully you like the taste, the feel — the *texture* of our crap.) There are tour dates, videos, and lots more music coming down the pike. Plus—hopefully this isn’t giving away too much—we’re going to be the official faces of Nike in 2014! Isn’t that something?? Haha, just kidding. They asked us and we said no.