New video, new album, new shows = NEW YOU


That’s the video for our new single, “Buckle.” Watch it (VEVO or Youtube). It wasn’t easy to make. We pretty much ruined Chris’s apartment shooting it. Well, the floor. Don’t worry, he’s still got a roof over his head. Please, DON’T send money to Chris.

If you’ve got a bunch of loose change floating around in your shirt pocket, spend it on our new album. That’s right, “Buckle” comes from an album, and that album looks like this:


Helter Seltzer.

That’s what the album is called. It’s out April 22nd. And that’s the cover art. Did we outdo ourselves? Yes. The cover art to “Helter Seltzer” contains answers to most of history’s great questions. It will also teach you the secret to living a great, productive life, if you let it.

On top of all that, it comes with songs — ten of them. One song, sweet “Buckle,” will be yours now when you pre-order the album. We made “Helter Seltzer” in all of the popular formats; simply click to pre-order (well, simply click, then simply fill out a payment form, then probably some other form about where you live, and then simply upload a charcoal rubbing of your credit card, etc.):

Buckle formats.1 - vinyl Buckle formats.1 - mp3







We’re excited. To be honest, we’re slightly trembling over here. We’ve been working on “Helter Seltzer” since back in the beginning of 2015, and damn — we love it. We recorded it with our old keyboardist Max Hart right after he finished his 3-year tour of duty with Katy Perry; and W.A.S. repeat-offender Chris Coady, who’s now considered one of the finext mixers in the world, mixed it; and we got Greg Calbi to master it — there are few more finely-tuned ears on this planet, at least on the sides of human heads. There are some incredible ears on the sides of wolf heads, but wolves refuse to work with us because We Are Scientists because we can run faster than them.

Anyway, whenever we get excited about new tunes, we book a bunch of shows, and so we’re in the middle of doing that. There are shows in the UK in April, and down below are some new shows in the U.S. — in the next week or two we’ll have European dates, plus more U.S. dates. And we’re searching travel magazines for requests for bands in Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia. (A new stack of magazines comes in every couple days — stay tuned.)

What should you do now? It’s simple, if you want our advice: watch the “Buckle” video twice. Order the album in your 2nd favorite format. Buy a ticket to a show near you (U.S. shows go on sale on Wednesday.) Hey, check out our new website! Reskinned and redesigned by the amazing Dylan Haley, who also did all of the album artwork.

And, y’know… stay roudy. Never stop stylin’ your hair. Try to train a squirrel to catch marbles in its mouth.

High five,

Keith & Chris

***get tickets***

23 / Bierkeller / BRISTOL, UK
25 / Rescue Rooms / NOTTINGHAM, UK
26 / Riverside / GATESHEAD, UK
27 / 02 Institute2 / BIRMINGHAM, UK
29 / Handmade Festival / LEICESTER, UK
30 / Live at Leeds / LEEDS, UK

1 / Stag & Dagger Fest / GLASGOW, UK
3 / Manchester Academy 2 / MANCHESTER, UK
5 / Concorde 2 / BRIGHTON, UK
10 / Brighton Music Hall / BOSTON, MA
11 / Irving Plaza / NEW YORK, NY
13 / Rock & Roll Hotel / WASHINGTON D.C.
14 / Johnny Brendas / PHILADELPHIA, PA
15 / The Southern / CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
17 / Aisle 5 / ATLANTA, GA
18 / Gasa Casa / NEW ORLEANS, LA
19 / The Raven Tower / HOUSTON, TX
20 / Barracuda / AUSTIN, TX
21 / Lola’s / FT. WORTH, TX
23 / Exit In / NASHVILLE, TN
24 / Tiger Mountain / ASHEVILLE, NC
25 / Kings / RALEIGH, NC

10 / Festival de les Artes / Valéncia, ES

***get tickets***


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