We Strike(!) Brooklyn Bowl London in 1 Month

IN ONE MONTH, on 22 October, we demolish Brooklyn Bowl London — will you be there?!?!?!? If you are a person of taste; a person who values friendship over war; a lover of animals, at least in theory; one who wants their time on Planet Earth to be spent in the best possible way — if you meet this description, and you live anywhere near London, then we will certainly see you on 22 October.

We will see you dancing wildly, or perhaps just nodding your head appreciatively; we might catch you bowling a couple of frames before the show; maybe you’ll have a cocktail or two, or six, or the fried chicken plate in Brooklyn Bowl’s weirdly good restaurant. This venue is an adult fantasy-land, and on 22 October, we will be soundtracking that luscious fantasy.

Take the red pill here.

Two People Won Set Lists from Reading & Leeds!

We have the results of last week’s Facebook contest to win signed set lists from Reading & Leeds. The decision was agonizing, but poring over the entries was pure bliss. 

Congratulations are due to Hannah Owen, who created a photo collage that sears the mind with its brutal physicality and bold use of color…


And to Fraser King, whose multimedia confection combines whimsy and verisimilitude in perfect measures.


And finally to runner up Tom Nixon. His rigorous topicality is leavened with a devilish sense of humor.


Congratulations to Hannah and Fraser, and thanks to all who submitted.



Free download of “Distillery” on Friday — believe it

Download our new song, “Distillery,” FOR FREE on Friday. What’s the catch? THERE’S NO CATCH! Just kidding, there’s totally a catch, but it’s a small one: You have to be on our mailing list to get the download. Here’s the thing about the emails we send our mailing list:

1) They’re rare (you’ll pray for more in bed at night, or kneeling in front of a statue of a giant octopus, or however you get your praying done)
2) They’re useful (they come with things like free downloads and early access to low-fee tickets and unseen photos — sometimes even INVISIBLE photos!)
3) They’re pleasant (we take a nice conversational tone, a lot like the one we’re using in this Facebook post, which is a lot like the one we use in our private lives when talking to friends and family)
4) We write them (every word, unless we’re quoting from a film or tv commercial or historical document, in which case we’ll put the words in “quotes” — but no label personnel or managers or cyborgs or famous authors will ever write to you, just us, Chris & Keith & L224X version 3, our scribe droid (ha! Kidding about the droid!))

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