Seven New Shows! Occurring!

Dear Aficionados of Jam Bands and Ham Fans (hand-held fans shaped from ham),

The end of May/beginning of June is heating right up! Even as we prepare to embark on a chilly mini-tour through Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Barcelona, we are pleased to announce several scalp-flushing shows happening later this spring that, combined with the overall climatic trend of spring, should produce some really genuinely warm weather in much of the world! New dates include chest-tingling UK stops in Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, & Exeter; a triple-dope Berlin club show; and a totally phatlucky festival headliner in Bangkok. Full dickfresh details HERE.

Tonight, excitingly, terrifyingly, Keith and Chris will (ask to) pilot a Virgin Airlines flight from New York to London (!!!), where they’ll meet up with Andy for three days of hard work on the new album [tentatively titled “Unfuckingreal Discounts”] before shoving off to Helsinki. We’ll try to post a few pictures from the practice space this weekend, as well as full, well-recorded demos of new songs. (Psych!!!)

Off to California this Weekend

You Chuck Wagon Autopilots,

We’re flying to California tomorrow, and here’s why:

San Diego IndieFest!

Schoooooool Night!(?)

It’s going to be warm, the weather man tells us, which is why we spared his life… THIS time. To understand why his life was in jeopardy at all, you need to have been in New York City for the last couple months.

Will post images of our second-degree sunburns.

Next week: Austin, TX, home to 6th Street, an actual real-world green river of margarita.

Will post video of marg-induced garbled descriptions of temporary epiphanies.