BARBARA is coming out. Like, now.

BARBARA is coming out. Like, now.
You honey-dipped thistles,

Have you ever wanted to own our third studio album? Our latest and finest and all-around most vivid collection of music tracks, packaged in handsome plastic and featuring over 20 pages of invaluable liner note revelations? Have you, in short, longed for the day when We Are Scientists’ “Barbara” could be yours? That day is here.

Below is a list of places where you can get “Barbara” either in the physical or digital iteration. Take a minute to shop around a little. Some of these places feature autographed artwork; some have an extra tune or two; some even bring to your hard-drive our cult series “Steve Wants His Money” (about a cult; not appreciated by a cult of fans). You may have a difficult choice or two ahead of you.

Whichever option you choose, wherever in the world you live, know this: you will soon be listening to the 10 finest songs we’ve ever written. Please enjoy!

Digital Physical
UK itunes

£5 Only!

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A Myspace chat that you missed & an interview in French (kinda), reclaimed using the Sands of Time®

Did you miss the Keith and Chris myspace chat yesterday? We took questions from fans, parried enemies’ attacks, and gave out time-saving recipes that are great for the whole family.

Because of Sands of Time® technology, now it’s as if you were there the whole time…

And if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing us interviewed with French subtitles, dream is about to explode into reality thanks to ol’ 3ème Gauch TV:

Zane Lowe

We’ll be chatting with Zane Lowe tonight on Radio 1 and playing a brand-new gem. Only Ol’ Zipperlips can commission a song from WAS.