At last we are ready to reveal to you the secrets of telekinesis, teleportation, auto-erotics, bowling, and trip-planning. Behold, the video for RULES DON’T STOP, the first single off our forthcoming record BARBARA. They’re not spelled all-caps like that, we’re just being lazy with the italics over here. BARBARA comes out in June, and we’re going to have a few vinyl copies of RULES DON’T STOP as well as unlimited copies of a download available on April 5th. (That was worth the effort, italicizing that date.)

The only other thing you need to know about this video is that it was directed by LABOUR, who are (as will soon be obvious to you) geniuses.

NME Awards coverage: Only we bring you us drunk

The NME Awards happened last week, on schedule, and we were there, a little early. Once again we pressed Tim the Cameraman into service, and once again we generated the kind of behind-the-scenes expos√© footage that regularly wins more traditional journalists Peabody’s and Pulitzer’s. Have a gander: