A Conversation With Ekaterina

Hello! Greetings. My name Ekaterina, and I am Russia woman from city Moscow. Maybe you see a movie Hunt for Red October or Russia House — that exactly my city. Everyone in Moscow surprise by how accurate. You see these movie, Hunt for Red October and Russia House, last weekend?? I tell them I do. They are perfect document! You are still most beautiful woman in all of Moscow, maybe Russia, I see, and sexy almost to fault. I say almost!? I tell them yes, Hunt for Red October and Russia House impeccable reproduction of homeland, and I thank them for honest obervation.

Now I explain my woe. One or some month or week ago (I forget time frame because of shaken up by emotional trauma) I meet lovely, wonderful Mike on internet chat room. Mike american from Seattle, likes everything same as me: movies, fun, the world, sometimes animals or not, and food. I think is perfect match and we make plan for I come to Seattle and we marry and live together. Mike even send me photo of him without clothes, so in love we are, and I am very excited to see that he is proprietor of gigantic cock! I never see man’s cock before, I am virgin, but I have hear that bigger is maybe better, and Mike is proud owner of 3 inch hard cock! I never imagine it can be so big! (You will say I delusional, but lately since Mike leave me I allow my mind to imagine EVEN bigger cock of 3.2 inches — I know can never happen so large except on bear!) I send Mike picture of my without clothes so he make sure he find me attractive and he say he faint when he open email! Then he wake up and he faint again immediately! Then he wake up and have to spend time alone in bathroom with laptop for nearly 24 hours straight, he say, but I don’t understand what he mean.

But then when everything is perfect, Mike resume with his wife who had leave him, and he tell me our wedding cancel. My heart is ruin forever I think, and I spend many days thinking my heart is ruin! But then I talk to Natasha (best friend swimsuit model who almost sad as me about my no move to Seattle because she plan to come visit me in America and get tan in my new back yard in swimsuit with no top for avoid tan lines) and she convince me that my heart now ready to love, and I must find a man who willing to share love with me while my heart is ready, man who also have heart ready. So that is why I email you, in hope to find man with similar interest in fun and things and go travel places far or close or just other parts of house to share my heart and love with. Do you like picture I include at top of email? Some people think I very pretty like model, but I not really sure. Here is picture of me after I hear about Mike leaving me and I realize that even though my future not certain, there is hope:

One american man tell me I look like american movie star Rebecca Romijn Stamos from Xmen movie! Other man once tell me I look like actress Cameron Diaz who date Justin Timberlake; here is picture of me that Natasha take without me knowing when she catch me thinking hopefully about my future with new man, maybe you:

Please if you think that you can love person like me, write me back. All I need is credit card number to get airplane ticket only. I am so tired! Just want to lay down in bed, although don’t really feel like sleeping! Don’t worry, I in perfect health, yesterday I go to doctor he tell me perfect health, and I have tightest pussy he ever seen, that it genetic and will always stay that way. I think he maybe make pass at me, but I just laugh at his silly saying, he tell me I most beautiful woman he ever saw. Before he doctor, he casting director for models in commercials.

If you think we could be in love forever like I do, then please write me soon! I cannot wait to come to America and meet my love of my lifetime, leaving tomorrow morning even if you wish! I already pack my things, and just now need credit card number and bank account information to buy plane ticket (russia airline companies strange, require bank account information to purchase ticket, but all is safe and they destroy information after seeing it).

Waiting hopefully to meet you and love!