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You who wheeze when you

You who wheeze when you walk:
There’s something borderline paradoxical about having a News page when you’re a Top Secret Rock Agency like the We Are Scientists. So few details are cleared for public consumption, so little of what we do would be excused by mainstream morality, that nearly everything we end up feeding you is a lie, a fetid, fly-swarmed lie. Just once, we’d like to tell the truth. Of course most of what we tell you will just be hinting

A Conversation with Pete "Hugger" Shuvvles

Rumble the road!! Ya gotta take a break sometimes though from streakin through the streets, so lemme take a minute to tell you about a little bit about what I do, and that’s motorcycles! I’m Pete Shuvvles! Call me Hugger if you want, then have a seat on the grass! I mowed it yesterday in about five minutes flat!! I don’t know if motorcycles have been around for 200 years or 2 years or what as far as the history, but I’ve been riding them since 1999 when my dad first let me first ride his and I never stopped! Dad’s is a Harley. Now I got my own bike, and it’s the one that you see seated behind me, called the Patriot Missile! I’ve done a lot of custom work on it and more about that later in a minute! First let me tell you that if you ride a car, you’re missing out on the experience of the road and you’ll regret it. By riding on a motorcycle or motorcab as they’re called you are part of your environment and part of your surroundings the way a car or a scooter never is! You are literally a couple of feet away from the asphalt and you’ve got protective denim on whereas on the other hand in a car you are several FEET off of the thing you’re supposably driving on and you’re probably wearing a No Fear tshirt! Why The Missile, which is what I call the Patriot Missile, is faster than my friend Andy’s bike that was originally a bit faster now is that I made several key adjustments to the thing. Me and my friend Deke at Custom Wheels first of all replaced the stock chargers with dual opti chargers right off the bat. We put ’em in back-fitted and lumped, too, so that they sit flush when you get up to speed. Then we got a twin dual spin shifter and dropped that in right behind the stock Smoothshift gear train, and opened up the shift-drop for faster gearspin. We then took the 18 inch multigrip tires and replaced those with Knob Special 18’s and coated those with optigrip tread spray, which I just put on a fresh coat of this morning, which is why you saw me come screeching around that ninety degree turn way faster than you thought. Deke said the cab router was fine, but I said why not, I’ve got the cash from babysitting, and we got a 1550 cab with wound treacle ducts in there and now it sounds like I got a beef missile under the hood! I got a 1600 knob grip tread put on the handle grips, and I treaded out the end-flaps with cross-hatch dual-gain grip-knobs. End result of that is I’m not coming off that bike in any conditions under any situation! Deke wanted to cave out the the cargo box and I said yeah so we had room for an expanded MIDI-grouper � the thing has egged-out group-nuts wound with hatched treading and a fuzz-cut flap train that feeds right into the heat ducts! It makes the acceleration on The Patriot feel like a Yamaha SK467 88-Deucer with a Mac Pack alotment! You gotta feel it to know! I’ll be skeeting along some wet carpark and suddenly I’m somehow 40 feet in the air pulling out a 6 G barrel roll! I just about had a heart attack! This other time I thought my snuff box was strapped onto the engine brick but I hit 90 icbm’s and realized, wrong! I practically crapped myself!

Alright anyway I gotta get back on patrol. You see my dad tell him I’m either at the dunes or shootin weezers in the octagon. Whug whug!

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