The Science Diaries #3

Have you ever opened the

Have you ever opened the bathroom stall door to such a mess that your first instinct is to look around for a body because nobody could possibly live long or crawl far after having their entire ass end blown off like that? Well now so has Chris. What happens is that you see this and then: 1) The whites of your eyes wax in their orbits as fight-or-flight kicks in; 2) You back out, slam the door, spin and throw yourself against the adjacent wall; 3) You cover your mouth with your hand, as in surprise, stare straight ahead, and take stock of your life, gratefully.
But it all just boils down to shows with you people, doesn’t it? No time, these days, for intellectual ruminations, even on the poo, I see. Well. Better get to it then, hadn’t we?
There will be an NYC show on February 5 at the Sin-e. Careful readers of the shows page will already know about this. But they’ll need to have been a real Sherlock Holmes — a real crack deductive reasoner, that is — to have known from our shows page that we’re going to be in California from February 13th through whatever that next weekend is — you know the one. Yes and we’ll be playing Claremont, LA, SF, Sacramento, hell even Reno, and pretty much nothing in between, so start choosing your outfit.
If there’s enough advance demand, we’ll be selling these special chairs:

We shot a music video last weekend. It almost seems distasteful telling you about it now, so long before you have any chance of seeing it. It probably won’t be finished for months, you know. And yet if by publishing this news we have saved even ONE fan’s life — caused just ONE fan to ease down the hammer and holster that sidearm — then it’s worth everybody having a bad case of Milton Bradley’s Ants in Your Pants as we wait for this thing to get done.

Hey, people. Not so much

Hey, people. Not so much is happening around herre (Rap superstar Nelly is taking dictation, so please forgive whatever random misspellings may appear), action-wise. A lot of behind-the-scenes bidness, though. Keith and Michael are currently hanging around NYC, doing whatever it is that NYC kids do (pose for chance photographers?). Chris, for his part, is trapped in Utah. He missed his flight back home, for crying out loud, although who can blame him? His family has cable.
There’s a small but ever-growing chance that WAS will be out West again in mid-February. We’re working it out and crossing our fingers. If you want to help make this happen, contact us in whatever manner you can manage (yelling is an option, but its efficacy varies, depending upon your distance from our house(es)). Until then, check the Shows page, as we have a couple of NYC dates coming up. If you miss those, you might as well forget about ever running for President, as you’ll have a whole hell of a lot of history of negligence to explain to the American public.
Songwriting is happening. So is eating. Here is something Keith has eaten recently: Mini Oreo cookies.
Also: the baked tofu sandwich at The Crooked Tree on St. Marks.
And we call this a “News” page?