Wanted! by we are scientists:

  • a bunch of black material that is impervious to radar detection.
  • some wheels, like, for a plane, maybe. that’s just an example.
  • um, okay. stealth bomber schematics. not to use, or anything. just for looking at. not for building a plane.
  • nice leather seats. as if for use in a cockpit. but they will not be used in a cockpit.
  • a subsidization of 42.5 billion dollars. for, say, band equipment. we need, um, some microphones. because Michael broke one of our microphones, and now we need to buy a new one, see?
  • three (3) silvery full-body jumpsuits, with lightning bolts on the chest, and featuring the names “tapper,” “cain,” and “murray” on the back.
  • if “cain’s” jumpsuit could also have a donkey tail coming off of the butt, that would be pretty funny.

Oh, oh, oh! We are

Oh, oh, oh! We are back up here, people. For the longest while, our server was down and we couldn’t contact you, who we’ve missed so much, and so we could only moan and sob and claw at the monitor and carve your initials into our chests, right above the heart.
But now, the technical geniuses behind WAS have straightened everything out, so we are finally back, all up in your face with our dog-ass breath, and all that. Now, it’s all about updating, updating, updating. Lots to report!
So, um, yeah. I know that there was something I wanted to tell you guys. Let me think about it and get back to you.
Until then, let it be known that we have a show coming up on Sept 22 with an amazing line-up that we put together ourselves, so yay for us.
Also, we’re playing a Labor Day rooftop party in Brooklyn this Sunday. Low-key fun. We Are Scientists. Hot dogs. Good enough for me, you say. You couldn’t be more right.

Some things that are new

Some things that are new for we are scientists:
– some new shows, coming up
– new stickers, which may be had by you
– a coupla new songs, by us, to be heard at the aformentioned upcoming shows
– a little respect, thanks very much
A friend recently asked why there was no We Are Scientists Street Team, to which we had no answer, so we pushed them into a fountain and ran. The point is, we hate asking people to do us favors, because who are we to be asking you to do stuff for us? The answer is clear, I guess: we are We Are Scientist, and we are mighty. My point, here, I guess, is that if you want to help us out and spread the word, give us a hit at ye olde wearescientists@hotmail.com, and we’ll hook you up with some three-song promo CDs, stickers, posters, bunches of hair (not ours), etc. Ask around: we tend to be nice to people that help us out, although I guess I should be up front about the fact that, six months after he let us borrow it, we still have Anothony Dines’ bear suit. It is being sent straight away, though. Trust us.

Leave it to we are

Leave it to we are scientists to make everything look easy. We make it look so easy. For us, it is easy.
Not three days after that last post, that last post about our little drought of shows, we done got us another booking. Details are forthcoming, but it will be soon. Check the “Shows” page for updates, then put on your sunglasses and your wading boots.
For you, pulling off such a feat would have been impossible. For we are scientists, this is so easy.
In fact, we may have two shows coming up fast. Not to show off or anything, but it seemed sort of effortless to us.