First of all, we've got

First of all, we’ve got to thank the guys in Smite for having us out to their fine whiz-bang show last week – anybody who doesn’t hate themselves needs to check their band out. Those who do hate themselves should stick with us. Speaking of which, thanks to all the new folks who’ve signed up onto this mailing list, guaranteeing themselves a lifetime of sweet rock music and even sweeter rock-like abs (check out Michael, everyone). Finally, thanks to Charles McIntosh for going above and beyond the call of duty, although some might say we’ve already thanked him enough (his booty to date: a 30-minute W.A.S. set and one (1) iced coffee beverage. We take care of our fans).
Enough chit chat. Down to business:
We will be unleashing the terror that is We Are Scientists this very Wednesday at the Lion’s Den in NYC. For those of you whose reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking, here’s the info in easy-to-read list form:
We Are Scientists
Wednesday, August 8th
at The Lion’s Den
214 Sullivan Street(Between Bleecker and West 3rd Street)
New York City
10:00pm (doors open at 8:00)
Cost: $7
We’re playing with a few other bands, who you will of course want to check out so that you can compare them unfavorably to us.
One note: in an advertisement in this week’s Village Voice, the Lion’s Den spelled our name “WeRScientists,” which spelling, although it was clearly not meant as an insult but was instead a rather pathetic space-(and, thus, money-)saving tactic, we find incredibly insulting. The Lion’s Den must be punished, preferably by having their establishment filled to capacity by fans and friends of W.A.S., which fans and friends will cheer very loudly and disturb the peace of the employees of the club. That will teach them.
Another note: this show will feature the unveiling of a brand new W.A.S. tune, which tune features the already classic lyric, “Wooo – ooo – ooohh!”. So, you see, you simply cannot afford to miss this!
That is all for now. We hope that we’ll see you on Wednesday, so that we might lavish you with affection.