First, let us thank everyone

First, let us thank everyone who signed onto our new “Rock New York Till It Crumbles Pathetically Into The Atlantic” email list. Keith actually wept at the sheer number as well as the witty witticisms of the people who responded. Thank you for letting us see Keith cry. It truly was a sight to behold.
Second, we have some shows in New York that you will all want to attend. The rock delivered at these shows will be of a unique nature. New York hasn’t seen this type of demolition before. The crowds will shed tears of relief, joy, heartbreak, and any number of other emotions. You will want to witness thousands of people weeping at once, but obviously more than that, you’ll want to witness We Are Scientists rock the ass off New York. Check out the shows page to find out how you can be a part of what is new and hip and everything like that.

Okay, people. Your brief moment

Okay, people. Your brief moment of respite from the relentless rock attack of we are scientists is now at an end. We’ve successfully transplanted ourselves from Los Angeles to New York City, where we have promptly begun taking the initial steps in our plan for a city-wide takeover (mainly, for now, that means sauntering over to the local pizza parlour, ordering up their finest slice, and, in a very threatening manner, eating it). Yes, so, we are now beginning the process of attempting to book the band in NYC’s clubs, which may take awhile, since it will mean sorting through literally thousands of letters verbalizing the desperate pleas of club owners all throughout the Tri-State area. Be patient, young ones. Our time will come. Big thanks to Charles McIntosh for his brilliant insights into the club scene out here.
Which reminds us, if you want to sign onto our mailing list, send us an email. This includes everyone who’s already on our list. In celebrating our little renaissance, we’re starting from scratch, which means dumping our entire mailing list. So, if you want to keep getting our illuminating and entertaining and (dare we say it?) life-saving emails, please drop us a line at
And if you know anybody in the New York area who you think would dig us, tell them to sign up, too. They will owe you their very souls.