Hi, people – A couple

Hi, people –
A couple of corrections regarding our last email, and a few updates, too. Ready yourselves for the impact of some high-calibre WAS news. Boom.
1) Tonight, on Monday Night Live (KSPC, 88.7 fm), we will be on the air from 10:30pm until midnight. The kids at KSPC decided that in order to adequately demonstrate the crushing power of we are scientists, they’d have to increase the length of the show by 50%. They were right. We will play about 1/2 hour’s worth of music, and we’ll also answer questions on the air. Please call. We miss you. Hint: we specialize in offering advice in the arena of love. You need our help. We will save your relationship.
2) In our last email, we indicated that our show with Matt Nathanson would be our last show in Claremont. We lied. Boy, did we lie! We now have not one but two (2) shows coming up in Claremont. The first is at Pitzer College’s annual Kahoutek Music Festival (it doesn’t matter if we spelled it correctly – when we are done, it will be called We Are Scientists’ Slap-Happy Sing-Along). We’re not sure who else is playing, but Kahoutek is always good. Here’s that info:
Saturday, April 21
Pitzer College
Claremont, CA
we go on at or around 2:30pm
cost: free
The second show is also at Pitzer College (that makes three shows at Pitzer in as many weeks – can they get enough? The answer, of course, is “no.”) We’re part of another all-day music festival called Groove at the Grove, which will also feature folks like Jonah (of Far and Onelinedrawing fame) and Geggy Tah, among many others. These are good people. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll refrain from unleashing our particular brand of fury upon them. And you. Be there.
Friday, April 27
Pitzer College
Claremont, CA
time: 2:00pm SHARP!
cost: free, again. we are too good to you.
3) Contrary to many reports, Michael was NOT named as People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for the first quarter of 2001. He came in second.
That is all.
We love you.

this is the part where

this is the part where we are scientists keeps it real.